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Aurender N10 8TB streamer

Simply the finest streamer manufacturer with the best interface on the market
£8,900.00 £5,995.00

B&W 802 Diamond (802D2)

Very highly regarded and very desirable speakers from B&W that look as good as they sound
£16,000.00 £7,495.00

Tannoy Kingdom Royal Mk2 Carbon

The ultimate in musicality from the masters at Tannoy
£83,000.00 £36,995.00

Brinkmann Oasis Tuntable + SME V Tonearm

Bargain priced high-end turntable utilising the two best brands in the industry
£15,000.00 £8,495.00

Raidho C1.2 Loudspeakers + Raidho stands

Superb standmounts that punch well above their weight
£17,495.00 £8,495.00

Soulution 330 integrated amplifier with phono

Superb integrated from Soulution that allows for DAC and phono boards to be added also for all in one solution.
£19,500.00 £13,995.00

STEALTH Audio Dream Royale V.17 Speaker Cables

the buck simply stops here for cables
£22,000.00 £11,495.00

HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) SXR - 4 Shelf stand with S3 bases

The last word in hifi stands
£17,780.00 £12,995.00

Stillpoints Ultra Mini X 4 (BRAND NEW SEALED BOX)

great upgrade to any system
£460.00 £375.00

Brinkmann Spyder turntable

Superb belt driven turntable form Germnay's finest, Brinkmann.
£9,895.00 £7,450.00

Aurender A100 server/streamer/DAC

Superb streaming front end solution from Aurender
£4,200.00 £3,250.00

Kubala Sosna Emotion 2m speaker cables

True greats of the cable world
£3,995.00 £2,250.00

Magico A3 speakers

Astonishingly good for their entry level Magico price
£16,248.00 £10,995.00

Kubala Sosna Emotion 1.5m speaker cables

Veey highly regarded speaker cables from Kubala Sosna
£3,350.00 £1,850.00

Stillpoints Ultra 5 isolation devices BRAND NEW

The very pinnacle of isolation feet for heavier components and speakers
£610.00 £525.00

Siltech SAGA C1 battery powered preamplifier

Ultimate preamplifier from this great brand
£35,000.00 £12,995.00

Magico S3 MkII premium M-COAT finish (SOLD)

Stunning speakers that mark the sweet spot for the Magico range, nothing this size comes close.
£42,000.00 £0.00

Vivid Audio Kaya 90 (SOLD)

All the performance of the top line Giya Series 2 in a smller and manageable sized speaker for any room size.
£21,000.00 £0.00

Magico Q3 (SOLD)

Astonishing performers
£47,500.00 £0.00

Siltech Signature SEPA valve amplifiers (SOLD)

The buck stops here!
£79,995.00 £0.00

Sonus Faber Aida speakers (SOLD)

Nominees for the finest speakers ever made
£95,000.00 £0.00

Vivid Audio Giya G1 (SOLD)

Astonishing speakers that have won accolades the world over.
£48,995.00 £0.00