Vivid Audio Kaya 90 (SOLD)

All the performance of the top line Giya Series 2 in a smller and manageable sized speaker for any room size.

Absolutely brand new condition pair of these astonishingly good new offerings from Vivid Audio, the Kaya, and this is the top of the range Kaya 90 model!! 

Just 6 months old, these speakers are an absolute joy to behold and hear, finished in the stunning Oyster Matte grey. They give all of the enjoyment of the much larger Giyas but in a room friendlier chassis and size.     
Owner upgraded to a set of G1 Spirit, such was his love for these!!  

These come complete with their speaker grills for the bass drivers, spikes etc. and original wooden crates for safe shipping to anywhere.    

To quote just one of many great reviews:   
“ In common with bigger 'Vivids' the Kaya 90 has a seamless sound that is tonally 'well lit' but also deliciously smooth and refined. It has a large soundstage that goes far wide and far back, without pushing the sound down your throat. It has deep extended bass, and sparkling highs – and best of all, fun to hear.”