Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) SXR 4 level hifi rack + S3 1921 bases


simply the finest hifi racks on the market


HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems) SXR 4 Shelf Rack SXR-1921-4V with S3 bases.

Comes with 4 of the superb S3 1921 bases

Truly the finest stand on the market currently, bar the twice as expensive VXR model!

Stand and bases are all 100% mint condition, as new, not a blemish, scratch or flaw at all.

Stunning silver finish looks beautiful with silver or black audio components sat upon it. This stand oozes class.

Original wooden crate for stand and all boxes for bases are present for ease of dismantling and shipping if required.

Retail price is £7996 for the frame (SXR-1921-4V) and £2446 each for the S3 bases (£9784) making for a total new price of £17,780

If you want the finest for your system, look no further.