Magneplanar Magnepan 3.7i speakers


Superb sounding Magnepan speakers in latest version


Magneplanar Magnepan 3.7i loudspeakers.

A rare chance to purchase a pair of these legendary ‘Magnetostatic’ speakers which have won award after award.

These are less than two years old and the very latest versions with the much nicer new oval plinths.

Finished in the best colour option of aluminium silver with black cloth and plinths to suit all decor rooms.

They also come with upgraded resistors from Path Audio, as shown in photos. The best sounding available.

These speakers have a few small marks but nothing visible from the front where it matters!

Due to size these speakers will need to be collected. Boxes are available.

Current new price for these is £8250, save a small fortune for a pair with hardly any age.and latest spec.